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Over the past three years, the CATA Group has implemented significant reform including improvement of quality service provision standards, human resource management and governance development. Building on this reform, the CATA Group wishes to complete an assessment of future options and their feasibility to ensure the continuation and viability of its service delivery.

There are significant policy changes happening at the federal and state government levels, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the review of Health and Aged Care and the not-for-profit industry reforms.  Changes to policy have created greater competiveness with other service providers with a potential ‘shake out’ of the aged care community providers. This project presents a timely opportunity for the CATA Group to prepare for these changes and to be on the ‘front foot’ when these changes occur.

The project will also contribute to the identification of income and fundraising initiatives that CATA Group can establish to ensure untied discretionary funds are available to assist the organisation in adding value and addressing community needs.  Such funds are essential in responding to community needs that are not currently addressed in Government funding.  By having alternative and untied revenue streams, organisations are in a stronger position to withstand changes in government policies and funding schemes, and they are better equipped to deliver an immediate response to problems faced by the community.




March 2014


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