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SOCIAL IMPACT assessment for

childcare centre

TAP Consulting, was commissioned by Future Generations Academy Pty Ltd (the proponent) to undertake a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for the proposed childcare centre development, at Unit F/2 Hudson Avenue Castle Hill. This report provides an overview of the impacts associated with the proposed childcare development.  This study seeks to identify the range of potential social impacts, positive and negative, arising from the development of a childcare centre in Hudson Avenue. Specifically, Council requires the following to support the Development Application (DA):

-  Social Impact Assessment which looks at the key demographic and economic characteristics of the area.

-  An assessment is to be made on the likely impact of the development on existing services/facilities, including an analysis of the needs of residents and workers in relation to childcare centres in order to establish

   demand for childcare services.









September 2017


Social Impact Assessment


Future Generations Academy

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