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Logan City Council has commissioned TAP Consulting to provide a concept design and pre-feasibility study for an Integrated Services Hub in Greater Flagstone, located in the City’s south west.


There is an opportunity to explore options for the provision of an integrated facility that could provide important facilities and services for the existing and emerging communities.


The aim of the project is to undertake detailed stakeholder and community engagement to identify the needs of the community, and to select a preferred model of integration. This will then inform the preparation of a concept plan and pre-feasibility study.


The objectives of the assessment are to:

-  Explore the specific needs and services required for the early years (0 to 8 years) within the Greater Flagstone community.

-  Explore what other services and programs are needed to support the Greater Flagstone community.

-  Deliver a concept plan and feasibility study for the establishment of an integrated services hub within Greater Flagstone.











July 2019


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Logan City Council

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Thinkers w Advisors w Planners