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In 2014 TAP Consulting was commissioned by the CoGG to prepare a Social Infrastructure Plan (referred to here onwards as the SIP) for the municipality. The SIP was required to examine current levels of social infrastructure provision within the CoGG area and develop recommendations such that social infrastructure investments can meet the needs of the population to 2031.This project was to develop a knowledge base so that the CoGG can ensure that planning for future services and facilities / spaces can be streamlined, adequately resourced and appropriately facilitated. This will assist the City to strategically plan for the needs of the community either directly, and/or by working together with service providers, to ensure the integrated delivery of social infrastructure.

The aim of the project is to develop a Social Infrastructure Plan for the City of Greater Geelong.  The purpose of this study is as follows:

-  Respond to the Auditor General’s Report Performance reporting (April 2013), council’s Financial Sustainability Review and Service Planning;

-  Provide an evidence based framework and guide for the future planning, provision and investment in council-owned social infrastructure for the next 10-20 years;

-  Enable council to set priorities and recommendations for future social infrastructure development based on strong evidence and analysis;

-  Identify council’s long-term direction for social infrastructure;

-  Provide a strong basis from which to advocate/lobby to State and Federal Governments for funding, grants etc. for social infrastructure;

-  Position council to pursue collaborative partnerships with other levels of government, the private sector and community groups for social infrastructure planning and provision; and

-  Enable council to maximise the benefits from its existing investments in social infrastructure assets.


April 2014


Social Infrastructure


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