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In August 2017, TAP Consulting, was commissioned by Place Design Group to undertake a Social and Health Impact Assessment (SHIA) for the proposed Greenheart Gardens mixed-use development at 153 Gooding Drive, Merrimac. The SHIA is one of a number of technical reports being prepared to form part of an information request from Gold Coast City Council. This report provides an overview of the social impacts (positive and negative) associated with the proposed development. This study seeks to identify the range of potential social impacts (positive and negative), arising from the implementation of the proposed Greenheart Gardens mixed-use development. The study therefore broadly aims to:

-  Identify the social issues and potential impacts relevant to the changes that will occur as a result of the proposed development;

-  Anticipate and assess impacts on the service system and the quality of life of local residents; and

-  Identify a range of enhancement and mitigation measures to lesson negative impacts.

Specifically, the information request received from Gold Coast Council has asked the proponent to prepare a SHIA in accordance with Council Planning Scheme Policy 12 – Social and Health Impact Assessment. The PSP defines social and health impacts as significant changes to:

-  People’s way of life – how they live, work, play and interact with one another on a day-to-day basis;

-  Their culture – shared beliefs, customs and values;

-  Their community – its cohesion, stability, character, services and facilities; and

-  Their health – including physical and mental health.








October 2017


Social Impact Assessment


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