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At TAP Consulting we have developed a strong understanding of the complexity and broad issues associated with housing. Through our involvement in a number of housing related studies across Australia in recent years, we have seen a growing debate in the Australian policy community regarding innovative strategies to meet changing housing needs and particularly housing affordability.


Over recent years housing demand generally has been changing due to population increases, changing household structures, changing economic landscape e.g. the rise and fall of the mining boom and consequently changes to affordability and increased homelessness. These trends have many implications on the future provision and demand of housing.  The challenge is to ensure an adequate housing supply is present to meet a diversity of demands and that, most importantly, the housing in question is affordable, accessible and appropriately located.


Our experiences in the housing policy arena range from housing needs assessment studies including homelessness to broad housing policy projects for both the private and public sectors.


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Thinkers w Advisors w Planners




Thinkers w Advisors w Planners