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Inala Community hub precinct


This project is the Inala Community Hub Precinct Plan. Community Hubs and Partnerships in the Department of State Development and the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services are working together to coordinate a cross agency and cross sector approach to identify and understand contemporary community pressures, needs, priorities and options for the best use of the subject site and services to be provided by a possible community hub.

The outcomes of this stage of the project is the development of a Precinct Plan Options Report for the delivery of the Inala Community Hub at 79 Poinsettia Street, within a precinct-wide human services strategic framework; and which complements existing services and facilities in response to likely future demand.

The purpose of this study was to:

-  Provide the rationale and recommendations for precinct plan options;

-  Incorporate specific concepts, implementation considerations and high level guidance to delivery mechanisms for 79 Poinsettia Street;

-  Make recommendations which will provide pathways for the next stage of this work, for all responsible agencies to progress their specific responsibilities; and

-  Enable agencies to deliver an efficient, cost effective and meaningful community asset on the site, optimising the network of service providers within the precinct through strategic co-location and communication.


April 2016


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