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Jimboomba library needs assessment

Logan City Council has commissioned TAP Consulting to undertake a detailed needs assessment to understand the specific needs and inclusions for the Jimboomba library, customer service centre and community space such that its ongoing services for the community can continue efficiently now, and into the future. The drivers for this project are as follows:

-  Both the library and community space are considered to be at exhausted capacity, and therefore have limitations to expand upon existing service delivery if customer demand increases.

-   These facilities do not currently meet the minimum area requirements for a library or general community space as identified in Council's Desired Standards of Service for community facilities and the Queensland

    Government & State Library of Queensland’s Public Library Standards and Guidelines.

-   There has also been an identified lack of community services that support the local and surrounding community, and a lack of floor space in the community to host these needed services.

-   The township of Jimboomba is expected to grow from 11,211 in 2018 to 13,710 by 2041. It is important to note that the town centre and its associated facilities, services a much greater catchment area: the

     surrounding rural and emerging growth areas of Greater Flagstone and including Greenbank. Jimboomba town centre will continue in this role until such time as these emerging growth areas establish their

     own facilities.


There is an opportunity to explore options for the provision of an integrated facility that could provide facilities and services for the existing and emerging communities.







June 2019


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