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The objective of this project is to assess the current factors impacting on liveability and perceptions of liveability in Kalgoorlie–Boulder and to identify the key gaps, issues and opportunities that will lead to improvements in quality of life, contribute to population retention and attraction and increase local competitiveness. Liveability in this context refers to the quantitative and qualitative factors that contribute to the quality of life for residents of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and impacts on residents’ and potential residents’ decisions on whether or not it is a good place to live, raise children, work, play and retire. It will provide key stakeholders with a summary of findings obtained from the document review and benchmark comparisons highlighting key priorities as they relate to the assessment of Quality of Life Indicators (QoLI).

Central to the development of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Growth Plan is the need to strengthen the economic capabilities to drive long running investment, business and employment growth - enabling long-term ‘prosperity’. Secondly, the plan seeks to accommodate a regional population that is generated by this economic growth - providing for the ‘people’. Lastly, it aims to support an efficient and effective delivery of regional development initiatives by investing in the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder - a ‘place’ people can call home. Prosperity, People and Place have been identified as summary themes or threads under the Growth Plan that seek to capture those common objectives articulated within the Blueprint, other strategic planning documents and stakeholder engagement undertaken to-date. These threads have carried through each stage of the project, from the background analysis, stakeholder consultation and finally in review of priority strategies providing a holistic framework to capture hard and soft infrastructure initiatives to ensure key priorities address all elements required to improve the overall liveability of the City.



August 2016


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Thinkers w Advisors w Planners