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In 2013 TAP Consulting was commissioned by the Department of Planning to undertake a Social Infrastructure Requirements Study for the Mid West region. The Social Infrastructure Requirements Study was required to examine current levels of social infrastructure provision within the Mid West region and develop recommendations such that social infrastructure investments can meet the needs of the population to 2026. It was anticipated that this project would enable the Region’s stakeholders to gain an understanding of the social infrastructure provided throughout the regions, prepare a map of the social infrastructure, identify gaps in infrastructure and develop recommendations outlining how stakeholders can provide future social infrastructure requirements.

Social infrastructure needs are expressed in different ways.  In order to generate an accurate understanding of required needs in a community, it is important to consider “need” from multiple perspectives. The approach taken for this study was based on Bradshaw’s (1972) “taxonomy of social need”, which provides a framework for assessing community needs.  Bradshaw describes four types of need.  These are:

-  Felt need (consultation): what can be inferred about community needs by what members of the community say or feel they need.

-  Expressed need (audit): what can be inferred about community needs based on observation of current characteristics and patterns of service use (e.g. usage statistics).

-  Normative need (demographics): what expert opinion, based on research, would identify as community needs (e.g. demographics and social trends).

-  Comparative need (indicative level of provisions): what can be derived about community needs from examining what has worked successfully in other communities.




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