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In 2015, TAP Consulting was commissioned by the CoM to undertake a Community Infrastructure Study for the municipality. The study is to examine current levels of community infrastructure provision within the CoM area and develop recommendations such that community infrastructure investments can meet the needs of the population to 2031.

Council owns a large number of buildings which it has acquired at various times over the past one hundred and fifty years. This has generally occurred in response to an identified community purpose.  Some of those buildings are no longer able to adequately respond to contemporary needs and activities and population changes, and in some cases, community interests and aspirations have shifted over time.  There is a strong interest from Council to develop a strong evidence base to support the business case for new projects and to identify high priority community infrastructure requirements.

The aim of the project is to undertake a Community Infrastructure Study for the City of Monash to ensure that planning for future services and facilities can be streamlined, adequately resourced and appropriately facilitated.  This will assist the City to strategically plan for the needs of the community either directly, and/or by working together with service providers, to ensure the integrated delivery of community infrastructure.

The purpose of this study is as follows:

-  Provide information that will assist decision makers to make informed and strategic infrastructure decisions about opportunities to invest in (i.e. repair, refurbish, extend, replace) or potentially dispose of assets;

-  Provide information to assist in determining priorities and options for meeting current and future community demand; and

-  Provide an evidence based framework and guide for the future planning, provision and investment in Council owned community infrastructure for the next 10-15 years.


July 2015


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