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The Northern Beaches council area is expected to grow to over 300,000 people by 2036. This change represents a significant challenge for the local council in meeting the subsequent service delivery pressures, and in particular, the increasing expectations of the community for new and upgraded community infrastructure. To address the challenges of population growth and change, the council must be leading-edge and responsive to the aspirations of the existing and future community. On this basis, the council has responded by undertaking the Community Centre Strategy project (this project). The purpose of the Community Centre Strategy will be to:

-  Provide an evidence based framework and guide for the future planning, provision and investment in council owned community centres over the next 20 years;

- Enable the council to set priorities and recommendations for future community centres development based on strong evidence and analysis that can support business case;

- Provide a strong basis from which to advocate/lobby state and federal governments for funding, grants etc

- Position council to pursue collaborative partnerships with other levels of government, the private sector and community groups for community infrastructure planning and provision;

- Enable council to maximise the benefits from its existing investments in community infrastructure assets; and

- Produce a consistent and equitable organisation wide approach, which will result in closer integration of service planning, capital works programming and asset management.








June 2018


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