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The City of Greater Geelong is establishing a planning framework (Framework Plan) to guide future growth of the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas (NWGGA). Both Growth Areas were identified as Further Investigation Areas in the G21 Regional Growth Plan, which sets the context for future urban growth. As part of the process, a social infrastructure needs assessment is required to feed into the Integrated Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IIDP). The social infrastructure needs assessment will result in a Social Infrastructure Report (this report) which will identify the social infrastructure needs of the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas.

It is essential that Council is aware of the likely infrastructure requirements to support future communities in the two Growth Areas. With this, there is a need for Council to understand the potential funding requirements and associated implications to deliver social infrastructure to these areas without compromising service levels to existing Geelong residents. The IIDP will enable Council to fully appreciate the overall infrastructure requirements and particularly, the social infrastructure requirements, and associated funding needed for delivery and maintenance.

The purpose of this study is as follows:

-  Develop key assumptions on future population profiles supported by an evidence base.

-  Define robust assumptions/methodology to form the basis for projecting future social infrastructure needs.

-  Consider the area’s future population and its characteristics alongside the local, district and regional community facilities and open space that would be required

-  Identify what services and facilities are required, where these should be located, principles for their location and inform how services and facilities will be delivered including investment requirements

-  Engagement with key agencies and stakeholder to ensure that the Growth Areas are included in future strategic planning by key agencies.

-  Identify agency’s future investment plans, strategic directions and potential partnership opportunities.

-  Consider opportunities for innovative models in early delivery of social infrastructure for pioneering communities in the growth areas.

-  Work with key agencies to inform the Social Infrastructure Report.



March 2017


Social Infrastructure


City of Greater Geelong

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