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Directions 2031 and Beyond is the Western Australian Government’s strategic plan to create a compact and consolidated Perth and Peel over the coming decades. The plan established a vision for the region as “a world class liveable city:  green, vibrant, more compact and accessible with a unique sense of place”.  More recently Perth and Peel @3.5million, together with four draft sub-regional planning frameworks, has built on this vision to define where population growth can be best accommodated, where employment opportunities should be located and where areas of significant environmental value should be protected. Of particular note is that the planning framework is a mechanism for managing urban growth and achieving increased urban consolidation as well as increased housing choice (e.g. higher density residential development around activity centres).


In light of the above, the driver for this study is to understand the social issues and attitudes that are either enablers and/or inhibitors to realising the vision for the Perth and Peel regions. It is envisaged that this study will provide a platform for decision makers in regards to identifying emerging social issues, significance, the level of impact, and the potential approaches that can be utilised to respond to these issues to ensure the vision is achieved. Importantly, this study will feed into the planning work that is currently being undertaken as part of the Strategic Assessment of the Perth and Peel regions. It is recognised that this project is part of broader policy initiatives currently undertaken by the state government.


The aim of the project was to identify and assess contemporary and emerging social issues and attitudes in Perth and Peel and to recommend how future strategic planning for these regions should respond to achieve the vision of a liveable, compact and accessible city. The key outputs of this project will at a broad level include:

-  A baseline assessment of the key contemporary social issues and attitudes that currently affect planning for urban growth that is compact, accessible and connected;

-  The identification of emerging trends that will influence social change in Perth and Peel;

-  A gap analysis to determine if and how current strategic planning and policy development for Perth and Peel responds to the contemporary and emerging social issues; and

-  Recommended approaches to responding to the emerging trends in Perth and Peel through the Western Australian land use planning system.

The purpose was to inform improved strategic planning in Perth and Peel. In particular, identifying and prioritising contemporary social issues that affect planning for urban growth that is compact and accessible, and how these can best be addressed by strategic planning. The need for this analysis was identified as part of planning work being undertaken for the Strategic Assessment.


August 2016


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WA Department of Planning

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