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Housing affordability is a significant issue across Australia and has reached unprecedented lows in recent years. The Central Perth Area is one of the least affordable areas for housing in metropolitan Perth, causing wideranging issues for social diversity in the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) Central redevelopment areas (referred to from her onwards as MRA (Central)) and the City of Perth.

In 2010, MRA and the City of Perth (referred to from here onwards as the Project Partners) consulted peak housing bodies and service providers to identify information requirements for a housing needs assessment. This work identified an existing lack of reliable data and qualitative information specific to the inner city that could be used to inform a comprehensive assessment of housing needs. The Project Partners consequently commissioned a Housing Needs Assessment in two parts, Part 1 (this study) examined the needs of the primary, secondary and tertiary homeless. The housing needs assessment is a partnership project between MRA and the City of Perth, as the Central Perth Area falls within the combined administrative boundaries of the two organisations.

In 2011, the Project Partners commissioned a project to undertake a housing needs assessment with a focus on homelessness to identify the sub groups of the greatest need amongst the primary, secondary and tertiary homeless within the Central Perth Area.  The Study was designed to build on existing quantitative data held by the Project Partners and provide qualitative information to enable a more robust and localised understanding of homeless housing needs.

Whilst the Project Partners have wide roles and responsibilities, this Study has been commissioned in their capacity as planning authorities and focuses clearly on that particular function. Both organizations will use the outcomes of the Study to assist their efforts to improve the provision of affordable housing within the Central Perth Area in three key ways:

1. Planning – The Housing Needs Assessment will provide the evidence base that supports the use of planning mechanisms to deliver affordable housing through development projects. The MRA will use this evidence to support the development of a contribution scheme as part of Development Policy 9 – Affordable and Diverse Housing. The City of Perth will use it to support the development of planning tools that will facilitate the development of more affordable housing in the City.

2. Partnerships – The Project Partners may consider entering into partnerships with other organisations to provide affordable accommodation within the City of Perth and the MRA (Central). The Housing Needs Assessment will help to identify the priority client groups, the types of accommodation required and the key partnerships that could be pursued in this aim.

3. Advocacy – The Study will provide a body of evidence that identifies trends and issues affecting the supply and demand for affordable housing within the Central Perth Area. Where the Project Partners are not best-placed to directly address these issues, they may be able to advocate for policy attention or funding from other levels of Government, or to raise awareness within the wider community.


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