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QLD Community Housing

Sector Prospectus

The development of the Industry Prospectus is a key deliverable under the Q Shelter 2018 Workplan. It is intended that the Industry Prospectus will achieve the following objectives:

- Industry wide agreement on the purpose and capability of community housing in Queensland; and

- Develop a practical capability statement which sets out the range of what the industry has to offer in its diversity and appreciates the risks and opportunities in the current environment.


The Industry Prospectus will provide a qualitative and quantitative overview of the community housing sector and will lay the groundwork for further work to produce a business case for the continued expansion of the industry. Importantly the Industry Prospectus will:

- Position the sector in its contemporary context.

- Build the profile of the industry within its emerging environment.

- Coordinate industry communication to promote coherent and compelling industry voice.

- Articulate the role and activities of community housing, effects of community housing on the lives of tenants and communities.

- Communicate the ways in which community housing differs from other forms of housing provision and management.








April 2018


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