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In February 2018, TAP Consulting, was commissioned to undertake a Social and Health Impact Assessment (SHIA) for the proposed Robina Transit master planned community located at Robina (Robina Parkway and Paradise Springs Avenue). The proposed Robina Transit will incorporate new connections linking the existing Robina communities with the Robina railway station, Robina Town Centre, Robina Hospital and a range of other urban facilities and services in the area. It is designed to accommodate approximately 1,600 new apartments and townhouses. Open space recreation opportunities and community facilities will be provided to support the new community. Robina Transit will be constructed and occupied in stages over a 25-year period.


The SHIA is one of a number of technical reports being prepared to form part of an information request from Gold Coast City Council for development application PN171472/01/DA1 MCU201500601. This report provides an overview of the social and health impacts (positive and negative) associated with the proposed development.


A baseline study of the community’s existing social environment is developed by analysing demographic characteristics, social infrastructure, social values and lifestyles. The baseline information is then used to help predict any social and health impacts the community may face and changes that may occur to the existing social environment by the proposed project. Mitigation measures have been proposed to reduce negative impacts.









February 2018


Social Impact Assessment



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