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At TAP Consulting we have been involved in a number of social research and strategy projects for government, private and NGO clients.  Through our previous work we regularly undertake primary research including data collection, collation and analysis, develop comprehensive research strategies for projects, and prepare literature and policy reviews. Our team has developed the ability to deliver high quality research reports and associated documents that are substantiated by rigorous quantitative and qualitative data and evidence. One of our key strengths in this regard is being able to ensure that outcomes can be translated into sound policies and strategies that respond directly to the needs of communities and stakeholders.


Our social research and strategy capabilities include:

~ Reviewing relevant literature including current strategies and plans as well as broader policy and planning documents.

~ Undertaking an analysis of the socio-demographic characteristics of the community which will provide insights into emerging trends and the issues and challenges these may present.

~ Through consultation to ascertain stakeholder awareness of issues, understanding of issues in a future context, awareness of the the range of options that could be applied to various issues, support for responses.



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Thinkers w Advisors w Planners




Thinkers w Advisors w Planners