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The Town of Victoria Park is expected to grow to 56,600 people by 2036 and potentially over 100,000 people by 2050 (ultimate build out) from 39,024 and the pressures of growth will create many critical needs and opportunities, which need to be analysed and prioritised. Currently there is no framework to guide how Council and stakeholders will respond to increase pressure and needs on social infrastructure. With changing policy directions, changed demographics / expectations, population increases, aging infrastructure and financial constraints the need for a more efficient and sustainable approach to social infrastructure planning is necessary in ensuring the ongoing quality of life for our communities.

In 2017 TAP Consulting was commissioned by the Town of Victoria Park to prepare a Social Infrastructure Plan (referred to here onwards as the SIP) for the Town. The SIP was required to examine current levels of social infrastructure provision within the ToVP and develop recommendations such that social infrastructure investments can meet the needs of the population to 2050.

It is anticipated that this project will enable stakeholders to gain an understanding of the infrastructure provided throughout the Town, deliver an audit and a map of the social infrastructure, identify gaps and develop recommendations for future investment including partnership opportunities. The Social Infrastructure Plan was adopted by Council in 2017 and a copy can be found on Councils website:




September 2017


Social Infrastructure Planning


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