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Tweed Homelessness review

In 2013 Tweed Shire Council engaged TAP Consulting to conduct research into Homelessness in the Tweed Shire to identify issues relevant to the homelessness service sector and homeless people. The desired outcome of the project is a Homelessness Issues Paper that highlights homelessness in the Tweed Shire and includes a body of research and demographic information to inform the Council including the Tweed Shire communities and support the activities of the Tweed Shire Housing and Homelessness Network.

The two key components that have informed the development of this study include baseline data (such as Australian Bureau of Statistics census and existing literature including policy) and consultation with key stakeholders, service providers and homeless people.  The baseline assessment for this project included a review of existing literature and information such as current policy documents to develop a context for the project. A review of demographic trends was also undertaken to ascertain the number and characteristics (i.e. gender, age etc) of the homeless population in the Tweed Shire and the general Tweed Shire population. Finally, the baseline assessment considered the existing homelessness services and  programs in the Tweed Shire and surrounds to understand the current services/programs available and to identify gaps and unmet need.  Critically, the project involved extensive consultation with both internal and external stakeholders for the purposes of obtaining information required for this study and for identifying potential opportunities that exist in responding to homelessness in the Tweed Shire.




November 2013




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