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In February 2017, the City of Whitehorse engaged TAP Consulting to undertake a study to explore the benefits and challenges of developing a potential new community hub as well as review the effectiveness and sustainability of the 10 Neighbourhood houses operating within the City.  Through this study Council wishes to understand the following:

-  The high level cost benefit analysis of supporting 10 Neighbourhood houses

-  If the community’s needs being met at these Houses- how diverse are the programs

-  Do Houses provide similar services as other community groups/Council facilities e.g. computer classes at Box Hill library and others

-  Analysis of information that Council currently has to hand in regard to utilisation, programs etc.

-  The trends relating to Neighbourhood houses both now and into the future

-  Benchmarking with other municipalities in the Eastern region re: the number of Neighbourhood houses and how those Councils support them

-  Could some of the smaller Neighbourhood houses be consolidated into the existing larger ones?

-  Whether one or more Neighbourhood houses could be successfully consolidated into a new community hub facility at a particular site within the municipality.


September 2017


Social Planning


City of Whitehorse

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Thinkers w Advisors w Planners
Thinkers w Advisors w Planners