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Logan City Council appointed the TAP Consultant team to undertake an independent third-party review of the quantum of community land and community infrastructure required within the Yarrabilba Priority Development Area (PDA). The project was a joint initiative between Economic Development Queensland (EDQ), Council and Lendlease.


Yarrabilba was declared a PDA by the Queensland Government in 2010. The South East Queensland Regional Plan identifies Yarrabilba as a major urban expansion area and Major Regional Activity Centre and the area is projected to accommodate high levels of residential and economic growth. Yarrabilba is expected to be a self-contained community, home to 50,000 people by 2041. To be an effective ‘self-contained’ community, Yarrabilba will require a range of planned and coordinated infrastructure, including community infrastructure.


One of the challenges for Yarrabilba to realise its potential as a major regional activity centre is its ability, effectively as a greenfield site, to provide the required infrastructure networks to support a rapidly growing community. Currently, Yarrabilba is remote from existing urban areas and requires significant extension to existing transport networks and other infrastructure in order to get the level of service identified in the PDA.



The objectives of this study were to:

-  Conduct an independent review of the difference in land requirement between EDQ and Council for community infrastructure in the Yarrabilba PDA.

-  Provide recommendations on the suitable amount of land for community facilities required for the Yarrabilba PDA.

-  Provide recommendations on the suitable types of community infrastructure to meet social outcomes for the Yarrabilba PDA.








October 2018


Social Infrastructure


LCC, EDQ, Lendlease

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